Child Custody

Family law covers a multitude of areas including many financial and economic issues affecting the marriage.  Of all the issues the most emotional and significant issue in a family matter is child custody.  The attorneys at the Damiano Law Offices have a cumulative experience of over 75 years of handling stressful contested child custody matters.  Consequently, our attorneys have not only the expertise in helping you navigate the very technical aspects of child custody, but more importantly, the sensitivity and interpersonal disposition to help you through the most emotionally taxing and important issue in any family law case. 

Often, child custody matters require a forensic custody evaluation by a trained expert.  Our attorneys are aware of the enormous impact the forensic custody evaluations have on the lives of our clients and their children.  The attorneys at the Damiano Law Offices are extremely well equipped and experienced at evaluating the very evaluations that are provided by those custody experts.  Above all else, however, the experience level of the attorneys at Damiano Law Offices provide you with the professionalism and compassion that is required in helping guide you through one of the most difficult and sensitive areas involved in the dissolution of a marriage.  At the same time, while our attorneys have the compassion to provide you with patience during this most difficult time, they also have the special expertise to advocate vigorously on your behalf at every stage of the custody litigation process in an effort to fight for you, and more importantly, the best interest of your most important asset; your child or children.


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